Antennas and Antenna accessories


Array Solutions Mini StackMatch II, brand new and un used.  Two antenna port StackMatch without relays with SO-239 connectors.  Handles 3kW.  Array Solutions product code: Mini SM2 3K-SO.
This device is basically the StackMatch without the ability to do any switching of antennas.  It is a fixed transformer device in a die-cast aluminum weather resistant case.  It will provide phasing to two or three 50 ohm antennas without the ability to switch the stack like the standard StackMatch product.  They can be combined to allow stacks of 2, 5, 6, 8 and 9 antennas.  It has the same specifications as the standard StackMatch and can be used on 6 meters.



Co-axial Cable, BICC 2001 HCA 1292, 75 ohms (drum, approx  6000 feet)







Co-axial Hard-line, half-inch, about 12 feet.  Was used once for a few days at an exhibition and has since been in storage.  




8 x Quad fibreglass poles (one slightly damaged),

each 19ft 8 ins long, 1½ ins OD and 3mm wall.




Hygain Tail Twister rotator and T2X 240V AC control unit, with manual.  Not used since refurbished by W4QM, in Cocoa Beach, Florida.   Dale had a very good reputation in Florida for refurbishing Hygain rotators and control boxes.  I brought it home from the USA and it has been in storage not used since.









Reace UH-74 Transceiver Tester (SWR bridge) for 50-430MHz







Various Butternut HF6V and HF2V coils and other parts, plus other coils










CB30A CB Antenna Matcher 100W







Telex Hygain Centre Insulator for multi-band doublets, moulded from high impact cycolac, stainless steel hardware, accepts ¼ or 3/8 inch coax.






Scaffold joiner.  Used for joining two sections of scaffold poles or other 2 inch OD aluminium tubing, for a mast.




Unified Micro Systems (USA) BCD-10 Band Decoder / Antenna Selector kit, new unused with manual (not pictured)

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Unified Micro Systems (USA) HSD-9 High Side Driver Board kit (for use with BCD-10 above), new unused with manual (not pictured).  The HSD-9 High Side Driver board is the easy way to adapt a BCD-10 or other low side switching band decoder to a high side antenna or filter switch.

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Vintage Radio


Valve PM12M, new and in original box.  The PM12M is a screened pentode for RF amplification. It is one of the early valves made with the anode as top cap connection, later types placed the control grid connection to the top cap for even greater separation of input and output circuits.  The PM12V variable μ pentode was released in 1932 and was replaced by the PM12M in 1933.  Equivalent to the VR41, CV1041, K5ON, W21Met, 210VPA, 210VPT, VP210, VP2, VS210, VS2, 220VS, S215VM and 218VSG.  Was popular in the days (1970s) when the RSGB’s National Field Day restricted transmitters to one valve with a maximum of 10W.



Roberts R 200 portable transistor radio, serial V 55419, manufactured 1960-64 by Roberts Radio Co Ltd, East Molesey, Surrey.  Superheterodyne (common); ZF/IF 470Hz.  Medium and long wave-bands.  Powered by 9V PP9 battery (not supplied).  External antenna socket on rear.   Originally priced at £14 in first year of manufacturer.  Very good condition for its age with nothing broken (except the carry strap, see picture) and no scratches or marks on the case.  Radio works fine on the long-wave band, especially with an external aerial, but there is a fault on the medium wave-band in that stations are only received when I lightly touch part of the tuning condenser.
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Books and Magazines


ARRL The 1990 ARRL Handbook for the Radio Amateur  edited by NTØZ 67th edition 1990

ARRL Antenna Anthology edited WB1FSB 1978

ARRL Antenna Handbook 4th edition 1946 


ARRL Antenna Handbook 5th edition 1949


ARRL QRP Notebook by W1FB 1986 first edition


ARRL Radio Amateur’s Handbook 1978 

ARRL Satellite Anthology 1994 third edition

Benelux QRP Club 1975-2015 40 Jaar Benelux QRP Club 2015 in Dutch

Carlton Press Hearthstone Book (USA) Between the Wars by G3DKS 1986 

Cowan Publishing Corp Antenna Handbook Volume 1 - Theory and Practice by K7GCO 1966

Cowan Publishing Corp Antenna Roundup by K2BUS 1965 second printing

Cowan Publishing Corp Antenna Roundup Volume 2 by K2AES 1966


CQ Communications The New Shortwave Propagation Handbook by W3ASK, N4XX & K6GKU 1995


CQ Communications Inc Where Do We Go Next? by OH2BH, 1991

CQ Publishing The Shortwave Propagation Handbook by W3ASK & N4XX 1982 second edition


DIR Publishing The VHF/UHF Book edited by G3SEK 1992 first edition


Edward Ward Fun with Short Waves by Gilbert Davey 1960 first edition


Federatia Romana de Radioamatorism (Romania) Ghid de Conversatie Pentru Radioamatori by YO4PX 1999 in six languages autographed by author

Heathkit Manual for HD-1422-A antenna noise bridge

FOC Sixty Years of FOC by G3MXJ 1999




FOC FOCUS, the quarterly magazine of the First Class CW Operators’s Club. Collection of every copy from number 1 (Winter 1989) to number 70 (Spring 2007), contained in six black magazine binders.  Plus loose copies of editions 71-72, 74, 76-88 and 90-99.  Each copy is in the A5 booklet format and averages 52 pages.  All copies are in good condition with no tears, creases or marks.




Her Majesty’s Stationary Office Transmission and Propagation by EVD Glazier & HRL Lamont 1966 second impression


KTE Publications Where do we go Next? by OH2BH, 1991 with supplement The Last Chapter - The Story of ZA1A

Morsum Magnificat The Story of The Key by W3WRE 1995

Practical Bobtail Layouts by SM4CAN

Practical Wireless four copies January 1948, May 1948, August 1950 and April 1951




QRP Society Journal of the QRP Society 20 copies March - June 1954, August - December 1954, January - June 1955 and August -December 1955.



Radio Amateur Callbook Interference Handbook by W6SAI & WA6FQG 1993

Radio Amateur Callbook VHF Amateur Radio by W6SAI 1993

RSGB Radio Data by G6JP & G3TDR 1996 6th edition

RSGB Radio Data Reference Book by G6JP fifth edition 1985

RSGB Radio Handbook Supplement edited by G6CL undated but appears during World War 2

RSGB RSGB Bulletin two copies May 1952 July 1953

RSGB The Bright Sparks of Wireless by G6JP 1990


RSGB The T & R Bulletin 11 copies January 1941 - August 1941 & November 1941 - January 1942

RSGB RSGB Bulletin six copies October 1942, April 1945 - July 1945 & October 1945





Ten-Tec Manual for Argonaut II (model 535) and Delta (model 536) transceivers. 











Out of FOCUS by N2KW, first printing April 2013.  108 pages containing, “a collection of Feature articles, and Contesting columns from FOCUS magazine.  FOCUS is published quarterly and is the house organ of the First Class CW Operators’ Club”.  Autographed by author.

Amateur Radio Sale


13 June 2021


After 48 years of being a hoarder and building up a large store of amateur radio equipment and book, sadly I have reached the stage of life where we have to down-size to a smaller house with less land where I will not be able to make use of, or have the room to store much of my equipment or books.  I am therefore offering it for sale before, perhaps, donating it to a club, or even scrapping it.


I have a large amount of other amateur radio equipment, that is too numerous to list separately, and which will be made available to personal callers.


I haven’t priced each item because I haven’t had the time to research what each item might be worth etc, but if you let me know anything you are interested in, then I will send you a postage / shipping cost, and I am sure we can come to an agreement on the price.  Most of the equipment can be sold cheaply as I just wish to dispose of it.


Please email me at <> if you would like more information about something or would like to visit and look at what I have.  I am retired and am generally available most of the time.


I am regularly adding new items, so please look back from time to time.  I will delete items as I sell them. 


Click on any picture to enlarge it.


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