gallery/220131 dressing table crack 1 low
gallery/220203 dressing table crack 2 low
gallery/220203 dressing table crack 3 low

Our Francescan bedroom furniture was delivered on 5 November 2021 and because we were in the process of re-designing our bedroom, we placed the unit in a corner of the bedroom and did not use it.  At the end of January 2022 we had still not used it and noticed a vertical crack in one of the glass drawer fronts.  The crack is from the top to the bottom of the drawer front through the hole for the knob (see the top photograph below).

Because we haven’t used the unit, and know it has not been knocked into, etc, I initially thought the crack was due to the knob being tightened too tight, but closer examination reveals that because of the design of the knob, this cannot be the cause.  We, therefore, have no idea what caused the crack and can only conclude it was due to some sort of flaw in the glass.  We have been using all the other Francescan units we had delivered and haven’t experienced any similar damage to any of them. 

I first reported the damage by telephone on 1 March 2022 and received an email from Mark the same day asking me to send photographs and a description of the damage to him.  I did that on 3 March and ever since then have been trying to send them to you again because, for some reason that I cannot fathom out, you have not been receiving my emails.  Whilst I have been receiving your emails (five of them asking me to send you photographs and a description of the damage!), you have not received any of my replies.  The only way I can send a message to you is via your website, but when I attached the photographs, you did not receive them.