10 January 2019

The research into my father's PAGE family, primarily in Kent and Sussex in the UK and in Florida, Indiana and New York state in the USA, is ongoing and when it is completed, I will make a start on my mother's HARRIS family who come from London and Essex.  I am including a little research into the families of those women who married into the PAGE family and so far I have the GOLLOP family of Devon, London and Sussex (Lucy Ellen GOLLOP married my grandfather William John PAGE) and the AUSTEN family of the Brenchley area of Kent (Frances AUSTEN married my great grandfather John PAGE).

I am in the process of entering my research data into a family tree program called Family Historian 6 and learning how to use the program to create reports and upload them to this website. Initially, and in the majority of cases, I am only entering the basic infor-ation (birth/baptism, marriage, children, death, etc) about each person, but eventually I will include all the information I have about each individual.  Also, apart from myself, although I am entering data for everyone into Family Historian 6, only those persons who are deceased are being included in the reports published on this website.


My research is called 'Pages of Pages' and can be accessed by clicking on the relevant menu item above.  Because the entering of the data and the research is ongoing, and I am discovering new features of the program, the 'Pages of Pages’ part of this website is constantly being updated (note the date at the top right hand corner of this page), so please look back here from time to time.


My first attempt at publishing my PAGE family research on the Internet was done on the Rootsweb/Ancestry.com website, and is also called ‘Pages of Pages’.  Although some of it is not now accurate or has become outdated, I am keeping it until 'Pages of Pages' on this website has been completed.  To visit that website:


If you are, or believe you could be, related to any of the people in 'Pages of Pages', or have any information about them, please get in touch with me at chris@g4bue.com - thanks.