Printing Equipment for Sale

I ran a small printing business until we retired in 2004.  I kept the equipment listed below thinking I might want to use it for the occasional job, but haven’t done so, hence it is now being offered for sale.  Although I haven’t priced the equipment, it will not be expensive.  If you are interested in any of it, please contact me at <> and I am sure we can agree on a fair price. 


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Adana HS2 Letterpress

Originally introduced in 1934, this HS 2 is the earlier cast iron version (see photograph below of Adana marking), and continued in production until the mid-1980s.  The machine has been stored for some time, with consequent slight rust on some unprotected parts, so will need a little attention prior to use, but nothing is seized or obviously broken.


The HS2 is the little brother of the better known 8 x 5 press, but is larger than the 3 x 5 press, with a chase of 6½ x 4 inches (165 x 100mm) internal measurements.


It comes with a copy of Chapter III, Using the Adana High Speed Machine from the book Printing made Easy published in 1958 by Adana (Printing Machines) Ltd.

Rexel WB600 Wiro Binding Machine

The machine has been stored for some time in its original box but nothing is seized or obviously broken.  Also included are the following boxes of black wires:


5mm:       box of 95 containing about 90 wires
6mm:       box of 90 containing about 75 wires
8mm:       box of 90 containing about 80 wires
9.5mm:    box of 90 containing about 80 wires
12.5mm:  box of 90 containing about 50 wires
14mm:     box of 90 containing about 45 wires

gallery/adana hs2
gallery/rexel 1

Basic Printing Letterpress for the Begninner, edited by Peter B Lindley and Derek R Maggs. First published by the British Printing Society in 1968, this edition reprinted 1983.

gallery/letterpress for beginners
gallery/adana chase
gallery/adana hs2 use
gallery/adana inscription

Two Adana chases for the HS2 press,  6½ x 4 inches

gallery/adana 8 x 5 manual

The Adana Eight Five Instruction Manual published by Adana Printing Machines

Antique Telescope

An antique brass  telescope, sliding brass cover over eyepiece, size collapsed 8 x 2 inches diameter (widest) and extended to three sections is 18½ inches long.  
Engraved ‘W Moore  Margate’.

gallery/telescope 3
gallery/telescope 2
gallery/telescope 1